In 2015, noted writer, Alexander Tsypkin’s first two collections of short stories sold over 200,000 hardcover copies. Together with George Orwell (Animal Farm) and Gregory David Roberts (Shantaram), Tsypkin was named one of the ten best-selling authors of 2018.

Alexander began writing screenplays when Russian director Anna Melikyan asked him to write one of the sections of her blockbuster film “About Love – Adults Only” which starred John Malkovich (Empire of the Sun) and Ingeborga Dapkunaite (Mission Impossible).  

He has written eight well-received short films that were screened by film festivals all around the world. “Farewell, My Love” won the Special Critics Award’ at Kinotavr 2018, and was officially selected by the Academy Award-Qualifying Festival in Sydney, Australia - Flickerfest 2019.  The short also received the Golden Unicorn Award and was featured in the 2018 Russian Film Week Festival of major new work. “Dark as Night. Anna Karenina 2019” won best music video award at the Prague Independent Film Festival (PIFF) 2019, best short film and best supporting role awards at the Vienna Independent Film Festival (VIFF) 2019 and best cinematography award at Moscow Shorts International Film Festival 2019. 

Alexander is currently developing television series for two of Russia’s leading production entities. He is also the founder and the leading performer of the literary-theatrical project, “UnprinTSYpled Readings” where Russia’s best actors perform contemporary Russian prose on stage together with writers. 

To date, 55 actors have performed in this piece 220 times in 12 countries before more than 100,000 spectators. Alexander has appeared in most of these shows reading his own work. The list of actors includes Konstantin Khabensky who co-starred with Angelina Jolie in the film “Wanted,” Ksenia Rappaport who starred in the Golden Lion nominated movie La Doppia Ora, for which she won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress at the 66th Venice Film Festival, Mikhail Gorevoy known for his role in Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies,” and Danila Kozlovskiy highly regarded for her work on “Vikings,” among many other noteworthy thespians. 

His short stories have been translated into English, Chinese, French, German, Latvian, Bulgarian, and Serbian.  Alexander is currently collaborating with American Writer/Director Paul Lazarus (Friends, Melrose Place) on American transpositions of several of his short stories.

Alexander is on the board of the ‘Butterfly Children Foundation’ which helps children who suffer from epidermolysis bullosa (a disease that seriously affects the skin and mucous membranes).  He also serves on the board of the “Cancer Prevention Foundation,” an organization dedicated to reducing cancer mortality in Russia.

A brand partner for Porsche since 2017, Alexander Tsypkin is also a brand ambassador for S.T. Dupont and American Express. 

Quotes from reviews:

‘His stories are gulped in one go and just stay there. Today, when long and big-scale works have but lost all chances of being read, short-story masters who perfect the most complicated form of literature have got a unique opportunity to influence the readers and change their inner world...Brilliantly written, sad and funny, with their words these stories bring us back the meanings, and with the meanings, we regain emotions and caring about people’.

The founder and director of the Multimedia Art Museum Olga Sviblova

 Alexander Tsypkin’s book presents a wonderful chance to understand today’s Russia from within. It comprises a multitude of diverse stories, amazing, juicy and always kind. One can trace this young author’s lineage to de La Fontaine’s fables, Balzac’s ‘Human comedy’ and the wit of Sacha Guitry who, too, was born in St.Petersburg. This one is a very contemporary and very Russian book that reminds us that Russians can and love laughing, first of all, at themselves.

Héléna Perroud,

Former adviser to the president of France Jacques Chirac, director of the French Institute in St.Petersburg and Cultural attache of the French Embassy  in Russia

 ‘Alexander Tsypkin’s stories amaze with their staggering nakedness of a masterfully depicted world of a St.Petesrburg slacker. It seems that never before in the history of Russian prose has anyone spoken with such humor and freedom on major serious topics that are very exciting for us today’.

 Artistic director of the ‘Stanislavsky electric theatre’ Boris Yukhananov

‘For me, Alexander Tsypkin is the Leningrad’s Isaac Babel’

Pyotr Semak, an Honoured Artist of Russia, actor of ‘MDT - Theatre of Europe

‘One thing is obvious - Tsypkin combines in his short novellas brilliant humor and deep emotions in a remarkable manner, at the same time he is delicate even when he is writing on seemingly taboo subjects. Some sentences from Tsypkin’s stories are so rich, flashy and self-sufficient that they may easily have a life of their own’.

The Russian newspaper

‘Tsypkin’s stories have that thing that I value most in literature and gastronomy - the stuffing. Inside laughter, there’s always sadness, in every drama, there is a smile.

Alexander Malenkov, Editor-in-Chief of Maxim Russian Edition.

‘Life writes bang-up plots. The author outstripped me and millions of other people by turning these plots into short stories’.

Polina Sokhranova, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Russia

‘Life in Alexander Tsypkin’s stories is light and nonchalant. Sometimes its lightness is unbearable. Still, in every short story, there is lust for the harmony lost, for the quiet caressing of humanity. And we understand that, no matter how comic they look, people in his texts are not just pictures, not mere pawns. They must be cared for and loved.’

Writer and linguist Andrey Astvatsaturov